Pediatric FAQs

Q: Why would a child need to go to the chiropractor?
A: The most common reason a parent brings their child to the chiropractor is for ear infections. Chiropractor’s do not treat ear infections, however adjustments help the ears drain and can help infections resolve quicker. Birth trauma, falls, motor vehicle accidents, and sports injuries are some of the other reasons. There is research on the benefits of chiropractic treatment for asthma, colic, bedwetting, and other childhood conditions.

Q: Can all chiropractors treat children?
A: Yes, but Dr. Kotkin has the post graduate education and clinical experience that separates her from every other chiropractor in Frederick County. Dr. Kotkin is the ONLY DICCP Board Certified Chiropractor in the county, and one of only 180 in the world.

Q: Is Chiropractic treatment safe for children?
A: Yes! Chiropractic treatment is safe for everyone, including children. A chiropractor’s malpractice insurance is very low, and reflects the relatively low risk. Prescription and non-prescription medications pose more risks than chiropractic adjustments to children.

Q: Do you ‘crack’ kids like you do adults?
A: Newborns and young infants are soft and cartilaginous, so there is no ‘cracking’ or joint cavitations. Gentle mobilization techniques and gentle vibration are used to mobilize the joints. Even in toddlers and older children the adjustments are gentle and do not hurt. Sometimes a pop can be heard when gas is released from the joint.

Q: How often does a child need to be adjusted?
A: That depends on the age of the child and their condition. Children usually respond faster than adults. After the initial evaluation, an individualized treatment plan will be recommended.

Q: Is an adjustment the only thing that you do for children?
A: We also perform soft tissue techniques, teach strengthening and resistance exercises, and give home care recommendations that could include natural remedies. Many patients are unaware of the things they can do at home.

Q: Why would a newborn go to the chiropractor?
A: Even a ‘normal’ birth can be traumatic to a newborn, especially if labor or pushing is long. Torticollis or wry neck is a condition that can result from intrauterine constraint or labor.

Q: Does insurance cover chiropractic treatment for children?
A: Most insurance companies cover chiropractic treatment for spines of any age, as long as the diagnosis is musculoskeletal. So, insurance may not cover chiropractic to treat an ear infection or colic, but will cover the treatment of muscle spasms and joint restrictions that may be contributing to the condition.